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The Advanced Montessori Method volume 1, vol.9

The Advanced Montessori Method volume 1, vol.9

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In The Advanced Montessori Method, volume I, previously entitled Spontaneous Activity in Education, Maria Montessori presents her educational philosophy and methods. Dr. Montessori asserted that nothing should be imposed on the child. Indeed, the aim throughout was to appeal to the child’s curiosity and to reveal the immense potentiality of the child’ which, she argued, was a tremendous energy which had, to a large extent, been ignored. In this volume, Dr. Montessori surveys the child’s psychical health, freedom and spirit, and considers such phenomena as intelligence, attention, imagination and will.

In The Advanced Montessori Method by Maria Montessori, educational philosophy and various methods are presented for children of the ages of three to six years. You can buy this book, and many more, from Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company based in Laren. Our books are available in multiple language to make them accessible to as many parents and educators as possible.

What you will learn in The Advanced Method by Montessori

As a specialised publishing company, we offer various books about Montessori’s theories. The aim of “The Advanced Montessori Method” by Maria Montessori is to appeal to the child’s curiosity and to reveal “the immense potentiality of the child” which, according to Montessori, had been overlooked. She analyses the child’s psychical health, freedom and spirit. To do so, she considers phenomena such as intelligence, attention, imagination, and will. You can also find other reading materials about Montessori and her theories in our collection. Do you want to learn more about the formative years of children’s development? You can find "Education for a New World" in our collection.

Delve deeper into Montessori’s theories and place your order

Order your copy of The Advanced Method by Maria Montessori and deepen your understanding of child development and neuroscience. Do you want to start your research immediately? You do not have to wait for your order to arrive if you purchase one of our various e-books. For more information about our collection, contact us via

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