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Books about Montessori theory

At Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company, we sell various books about Maria Montessori’s theory with which you can further your research. We publish and distribute Montessori’s writings in order to further her pedagogical principles. You can buy our various Montessori books in English, Dutch, and Spanish, including a wide range of books about Montessori for education.

You can purchase various books about Montessori’s theory

Begin your research into the pedagogical theory of Montessori with our numerous books about Montessori for education. As opposed to formal teaching methods, Montessori’s approach focuses on children’s natural curiosity and activities. In her philosophy, she emphasises a hands-on approach and the child’s independence. You can read about her approach in various books, such as:

By reading these books by Montessori, which are part of our extensive collection of books about Montessori for education, you will gain a deeper understanding of what her approach entails. These books are excellent research materials for parents, teachers, or anybody who works with children. With these books, you can dive deeper into the theory behind Montessori’s approach for child development. With this deepened understanding, you will be able to apply these theories more effectively. These Montessori books, including our specialised books about Montessori for education, are also available in Spanish.

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Further your research of Montessori theory with our various books about Montessori for education and place your order. If you do not want to wait for your books to arrive, you can purchase e-books and start reading today. Do you want to know more about our collection of books? Send us your questions in an e-mail to We will gladly help you in your search for the right reading materials.

Books about Montessori theory

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