About us

The Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company has the following objectives:

  • to publish and distribute books and unpublished writings by Maria Montessori as well as translations thereof.
  • to uphold, propagate and further the pedagogical principles and practice formulated by Maria Montessori for the full development of the human being
  • to care for and maintain all the (publishing) rights and copyrights of the work of Maria Montessori and the Archives of Maria Montessori (www.montessori-ami.org)

We are based in the Netherlands and have many distributors all over the world. Books ordered from our web shop will be sent from The Netherlands to wherever in the world they have been ordered from.

The annual net result allocated to Montessori-Pierson Publishing Foundation will virtually all be paid to Association Montessori International (AMI), the association Maria Montessori set up herself in 1929 to safeguard her legacy and work.

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