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Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents vol.21

Maria Montessori Speaks to Parents vol.21

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Maria Montessori was very much aware of the role of the parent and their need for a clearer understanding of her ideas. She, therefore, lectured from time to time to parents during her training courses and congresses. Regrettably, she never found the time to write a book especially for them. The Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company has now collected 11 lectures in which Maria Montessori addresses parents, explaining how they might better understand their own role in the development of their child. Paula Polk Lillard, an internationally respected Montessori author, wrote the Foreword, in which she also describes her transition from a traditional public school teacher to a Montessori mother, teacher and trainer. The book includes a short biography of Maria Montessori.

Start your research by buying Montessori books for parents. We have added this small volume with eleven lectures to The Montessori Series, in which Maria Montessori gives parents an introductory explanation of her vision on education. Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company, based in Laren, helps parents in their studies by offering Montessori books in English, Dutch and Spanish.

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It has always been of great importance that the parents are as knowledgeable as possible about the development of children and the essence of Montessori education. Maria Montessori’s philosophy never underestimated the role of the parent. For this reason, she wrote special lectures for parents during courses and congresses. Our publishing company recently found an unpublished and coherent set of writings addressed to parents in the pedagogical archives of Maria Montessori. We have added a small biography of Maria Montessori for parents who are buying the Montessori books but who do not know much about her. This book includes a foreword by internationally respected Montessori author Paula Polk Lillard. In this foreword, she recounts her transition from a traditional public school teacher to a Montessori mother, teacher and trainer.

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