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Creative Development in the Child vol.24

Creative Development in the Child vol.24

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Maria Montessori lectured in Italian during the first International Montessori Course in 1939 at Madras, India. These 75 lectures were translated into English by her son Mario, as she spoke. And were taken down near verbatim in short hand, transcribed and set into galleys overnight. One such set of proofs forms the original manuscript for this book. For the most part, each chapter in this book encompasses a single lecture. The lectures are left in the same order as they were given, swinging between psychology and the use of the materials. India’s diversity of language, social custom and religious practice enriched her research. During this time, Dr. Montessori worked with children in Chennai and put into practice her theories of adapting the environment, furniture and the Practical Life materials to local conditions. In these lectures, Maria Montessori speaks with the mature wisdom of a lifetime spent studying, not just early childhood, but human development as a whole and gives a complete, wonderful and colorful overview of her pedagogy and philosophy.

Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company in Laren offers a wide range of Montessori books with a focus on child development. This book contains lectures that were given in Italian during the International Montessori Course in 1939 in Madras, India. The 75 lectures are presented in the order in which they were given, switching between psychology and the use of materials.

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In “Creative Development in the Child,” Montessori discusses how India’s diversity of languages, social customs, and religious practice have enriched her research. She put her theories of adapting the environment, furniture, and practical life materials to local conditions into practice while working with children in Madras. You can start reading about Montessori and her methods in this book or many of her other books with attention for child development and child psychology. For example, you can read about the formative years in a child’s development in “The Formation of Man". You can also purchase various Montessori books in Spanish.

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Broaden your knowledge of child development with our Montessori books and learn more about her philosophy and approach. Place your order for our physical books or purchase an e-book to start reading today. Do you want to know more about the works in our collection? Contact us for more information by sending an e-mail to

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