The planes of development and Montessori

Understanding the planes of development and Montessori is essential for anyone interested in her educational approach. Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company offers a comprehensive collection of books that provide in-depth insights into the planes of development and Montessori. These books, available in English, Dutch and Spanish, offer valuable perspectives for educators, parents, and Montessori enthusiasts.

Delving into Montessori philosophy and the planes of development

The planes of development and Montessori constitute a core concept in her educational philosophy, outlining the stages of a child's growth from birth to adulthood. These stages are crucial for understanding how children learn and develop at different ages. Researching Montessori and these theories becomes accessible through our detailed books. "The Absorbent Mind", for instance, focuses on the first plane of development, exploring the child's extraordinary capacity to absorb knowledge from the environment. Other significant works, like "The Formation of Man", offer further exploration into Montessori's developmental stages, enriching your understanding of her profound educational insights.

Discover the various theories in our books

Start reading about Montessori and the planes of development by placing an order. Our books provide not only theoretical knowledge but also practical insights, making them invaluable for anyone seeking to apply Montessori principles in educational or home settings. Whether you are new to Montessori or deepening your existing knowledge, our collection is an indispensable resource in your journey towards understanding and implementing Montessori's transformative educational philosophy.

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