Sensitive periods by Montessori

Learning about the sensitive periods by Montessori is crucial for understanding her educational philosophy. At Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company, we offer an array of books in English, Spanish and Dutch that explore the sensitive periods by Montessori. These books provide essential insights for educators and parents alike.

Exploring Montessori's sensitive periods

The concept of sensitive periods by Montessori is fundamental to her theories on education. This approach highlights the different periods in a child's life when they are exceptionally receptive to learning and developing certain things. Our publications offer a comprehensive examination of these periods, explaining how they impact a child's growth and learning. Alongside the sensitive periods explained by Montessori, our books also shed light on other Montessori principles, such as the prepared environment, offering a detailed view of her pedagogical approach. Additionally, these resources guide educators in identifying and nurturing these critical phases, fostering an optimal learning environment. They also provide practical strategies for parents and teachers to support children through each sensitive period, enhancing the educational experience.

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