Research with Montessori books

Do you want to conduct in-depth research into child development and are you searching for Montessori books? At Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company in Laren, we publish and distribute various works by Maria Montessori. Add to your research into child development by reading about her theories in Dutch, English or Spanish.

You can research child development with Montessori’s books

If you want to try Montessori at home or you want to deepen your understanding of this approach as a teacher, you can start your research with our books. We publish various (unpublished) writings by Maria Montessori, such as:

The Secret of Childhood
The Discovery of the Child
The Advanced Montessori Method
The 1946 London Lectures

These various books about Montessori’s theory provide a deeper understanding of her popular approach. You will be able to teach children more effectively by reading about Montessori and her methods in her own words.

Purchase our books and start your research

Order your Montessori books to start your research into child development. You can conveniently choose various payment methods. Do you want to know more about our collection or payment options? Send us an e-mail via for more information. We will gladly tell you more about our selection of readings.

Research Montessori books

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