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Education for Human Development vol.11 by Maria Montessori


"Education for Human Development vol. 11” by Maria Montessori is a seminal work that stands as a cornerstone in the Montessori library. Available at Montessori-Pierson Publishing Company, this book offers an in-depth exploration of Montessori's educational philosophy, making it an essential read for educators, parents, and anyone interested in child development.

What Maria Montessori can teach us about human development

This volume provides a fascinating insight into Dr Montessori and her personality, her role as a feminist, her philosophy of education and child growth and development. “Education for Human Development” also delves into her ideas concerning the value of work in school and the correct use of educational materials. This volume also explores her philosophy on the role of education in the formation of human personality in today's ever-changing world and the relationship of the individual to the cosmos. Paperback.

No. of pages: 117

Begin your Montessori educational journey

Immerse yourself in the world of Montessori education by ordering "Education for Human Development” by Maria Montessori today. This enlightening read is just the beginning. You can also explore other influential works, such as "Education for a New World", available at our publishing house. Enhance your understanding and application of her principles by adding these fundamental texts to your personal or professional library. Start reading about Montessori today and unlock the secrets of her revolutionary approach to education.